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COVID-19: Common Struggles We Are Facing Today

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

We're in this crisis together, and this situation reminds us how important our relationships are and of our human need to help each other and let others know we care. Everyone everywhere is being impacted by COVID-19, some more than others, and some sooner than others. Only time will tell the extent of the impact. If you're reading this though, one thing is certain, you have successfully gotten through 100% of the hardships you've faced in the past -- you're alive and well -- which signals to us all that we'll likewise emerge from this one equally well when it's all said and done. In conversations with friends, family, and coaching clients, I'm finding a number of very common struggles, and we're working together to navigate through those. If I can help you talk through, solve, or share best practices on any of the following common struggles, please know that I am only a phone call or email away ... always. Common Leadership Struggles Clients and I Having Been Working on Together:

1. Help with tips and strategies for effectively managing remote teams

  • I've got a great checklist that continues to evolve that I would be glad to share with you

  • I'm also putting together a quick webcast on this topic ... stay tuned if you're interested

2. Establishing effective team and cross-departmental communication protocols and practices in a remote/virtual environment

  • Communication is EVERYTHING right now, particularly given our physical separation

3. Establishing and enforcing communication etiquette (extremely important when working and managing remotely)

  • I am in the process of finalizing a great checklist tool on this topic that several coaching clients helped me put together; would be glad to share it with you

4. Effectively using virtual/digital communication tools

  • Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc...

  • If you're new to Zoom, there are definitely some "must do's" to ensure secure access to your meetings

5. Maintaining resiliency, managing stress and undertaking self-care routines (staying grounded, clear-headed, confident and focused)

  • We're ALL dealing with this now. I've got some excellent best practices to share that others are finding to be game-changing on this topic

6. Working effectively from home -- managing distractions, establishing boundaries, and optimizing productivity 

  • Some of my clients have done this for years, and some are first-timers

  • There's ONE THING that will make a huge difference in your effectiveness at home: Establishing a daily routine that includes firm boundaries. How structured and effective is your routine?

7. Seeking and sharing best practices -- Understanding what others are doing effectively and learning from their "miscues"

  • I'm gaining new insights every day in talking to 15-20 clients weekly

  • I'm amazed at the great, creative ideas of others that are bubbling up

8. Working within the framework of a comprehensive "Crisis Response Plan"

  • A well-thought-out plan is CRITICAL to ensuring you and your team are focused on the most important activities and then executing them fully and effectively ... and, then ...

  • Making real-time adjustments due to shifting priorities and evolving issues

9. Staying alert for "on the business" improvement opportunities and "shoring up" for the eventual upswing

  • Ideas to emerge from this crisis in the best shape possible ... well-positioned to "ride the curve" back up at a pace exceeding that of your competition

10. Not forgetting about personal development, leadership development, and learning and seeking "organic" opportunities to further your learning

If I can otherwise be a sounding board to help you "think out loud" and lead through this crisis effectively, again, please reach out; let's talk. If you know anyone who might benefit from chatting through any of the above struggles, please feel free to forward this message on to them. Wishing you the best and hoping you and your family stay safe and well.

"The measure of our success will not be determined by how we act during the great times in our life but rather by how we think and respond to the challenges of our most difficult moments." (Jon Gordon, The No Complaining Rule)

Andy Robinson

Executive Coach


"Helping high-performing executives and business leaders maximize their influence and impact."

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