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Dealing With Procrastination

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

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We ALL procrastinate on things. There are always items on our “to do” list, whether written down or in our head, we KNOW we need to take care of, but we’ve continued to put off. Begin TAKING ACTION on at least THREE matters you’ve been putting off.

Maybe it’s:

That call” you’ve been putting off you know is going to be a difficult conversation. Make that call today; get it behind you and feel the surge of energy that results from getting it done.

Taking action – even if it’s a small step – on “that project” you’ve been meaning to start. If it is truly something IMPORTANT that needs to get done within the next 30 days, then schedule an action item TODAY to “prime the pump” for establishing some momentum in moving forward. Once you complete that first step, schedule the next one for next week. Keep the process moving forward.

Sharing “that piece of ‘bad’ news” you’ve been holding off on telling your boss or colleague about. Maybe it’s not quite as “bad” as you think. Maybe your boss or colleague can help you think about a new way of looking at the matter. Either way, holding onto it is negative energy that needs to be released to free your mind up to focus on positive things.

Dealing with “that difficult personnel issue.” It’s not going to go away if you don’t deal with it or devise a plan for “fixing” it. Schedule some time NEXT WEEK to devise a plan and act on that plan. Get it behind you.

Dealing with “administrative paperwork” – your expense report, your sales call activity report, a staff performance evaluation. Consider the BENEFITS of getting these things done – the benefits to you and to others who might be affected.

PICK THREE things, and schedule the time or block out the time to take care of them this coming week.

Better yet, do something RIGHT NOW to deal with one or more of these matters.

Begin each week this way and watch your list of things you’ve procrastinated on gradually wean itself down to nothing or almost nothing.

Well, what are you waiting for! Let’s get started…now.

Andy Robinson

Executive Coach

239-285-5575 | Andy@AndyRobinson.Coach

"Helping high-performing CEO's, executives, and business leaders maximize their influence and impact."

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