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How To Make Someone Feel Like A Million Bucks!

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Listening, truly listening with your heart, with empathy, with care and interest is a natural talent for some and an acquired skill for others. Gifted leaders who inspire others to be the best they can be fully embrace this form of “active” listening. Such leaders almost always find themselves surrounded by a fully empowered team and a circle of high-performing followers.

Want to make someone FEEL like a million bucks today (or any day)? … then practice “active” listening. Active listening is a learned skill that involves a set of relatively simple steps. In a conversation with a colleague or team mate today follow these steps:

  1. Listen;

  2. Don’t interrupt;

  3. Don’t finish the other person’s sentences;

  4. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted;

  5. Avoid using the words “no,” “but,” and “however;”

  6. Look the other person in the eye …. smile;

  7. Maintain your end of the dialogue by asking great questions that [a] show you’re paying attention, [b] move the conversation forward, and [c] require the other person to do most of the talking.

For some of us the process is easy, for others it takes a bit of deliberate practice …. but try it …. and notice the difference.

Andy Robinson

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