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  • Andy Robinson

How Committed Are You?

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Is there anything that YOU are 100% committed to? I’m talking about anything that you absolutely commit to do with NO EXCEPTIONS.

Highly successful people adhere to the “No Exceptions Rule” when it comes to their daily disciplines and commitments. Once these individuals make a 100% commitment to something, there are NO exceptions. It’s a done deal. Non-negotiable. Period.

Eliminate “Internal Debate.”

You’d be surprised at how many people wake up everyday and “fight themselves” over whether or not to keep their commitments, to stick to their disciplines, or to carry out their action plans. Applying the no exceptions rule to your 100% commitments would completely eliminate this ongoing and unproductive internal debate — forever.

The “No Exceptions Rule.”

If I make a 100% commitment to something — whether it be a desired outcome or daily discipline, then I never have to spend time thinking about whether or not I’m going to do it. The decision has been made. There are no exceptions. It closes the door on other possibilities. The die has been cast. It makes life simpler and easier and helps keep me focused. Making a 100% commitment frees up energy that would otherwise be spent internally debating the topic over and over. Freed up energy makes room for creativity and highly productive thinking.

What are YOU 100% Committed To?

Whether your discipline is to read for an hour every day, to never bring work home with you during the week, to spend one hour with the kids every night, to run three miles every day, to always tell the truth, or whatever else is important to you — commit 100% to those disciplines and you will realize and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. You’ll also eliminate tons of unproductive thinking, increase your energy level, and allow for higher value, creative thinking time.

Make a 100% commitment today to set aside 20 minutes and identify your 100% commitments. Write them down. Now, go to work on applying the no exceptions rule to those commitments. Your personal power will flourish, your self-esteem will strengthen, and you’ll stay firmly on the path of accomplishing your goals and objectives.

Andy Robinson

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