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15 Career Success Elements – How Many Have You Mastered?

15 Career Success Elements – How Many Have You Mastered?

All of us desire an exciting, fulfilling career that enables us to achieve alignment with our purpose, create value for others and provide us with a comfortable and prosperous lifestyle.

As an Executive Career Coach for the past 15 years, it has been my pleasure to work with hundreds of high-performing executives in helping them to push the envelope in achieving lasting career success.

Career Success is a PROCESS. It’s a process that requires commitment to learning, experiencing and mastering what we’ve identified as 15 Key Career Success Elements.  Those Elements include Three Key PhilosophiesSix Key Career Strategies and Six Key Career Skills as follows:

  1. Three Key Career Success Philosophies:

  2. Proactive Career Management – The Core Philosophy – Taking control of your career and driving the process of achieving lasting career success.  LESS THAN 5% of business professionals and leaders adopt this philosophy.  That same 5% achieves INCREDIBLE career success.

  3. Achieving and Sustaining Optimum Work/Life Integration.  Getting this right — keeping your life in balance — provides a wonderful foundation for allowing BIG IMPACT at work and on the job.

  4. Actively Embracing Lifelong Learning – Taking it upon YOURSELF to keep current in the latest thinking in your areas of expertise.

  5. Six Key Career Success Strategies:

  6. Leveraging Your Key Strengths

  7. Building and Maintaining Powerful Connections

  8. Building and Maintaining a Powerful Personal Brand

  9. Surrounding Yourself with an All-Star Team

  10. Supportive and Inspiring Leadership

  11. Becoming a “Value Animal” – ALWAYS Exhibiting a Value-Added Mindset – In everything you do

  12. Mastery of the Six Key Career Success Skills:

  13. Exceptional Communication and Presentation Skills

  14. Coaching and Mentoring Others – Bringing the absolute BEST out in others

  15. Embracing Change and Mastering Adaptability

  16. Time Management, Goal-setting and Execution

  17. Decision-Making – Developing confidence in the decisions you make … and trust on the part of others in the decisions you make

  18. Selling and Negotiating – Selling yourself effectively, selling your ideas and negotiating win-win solutions

What is YOUR current career situation?

How well have YOU mastered the Career Success Philosophies, Strategies and Skills

A Quick Self-Assessment Exercise:  Rate yourself of a scale of 1 to 10, with “10” being defined as ultimately mastery of the respective philosophy, strategy or skill; then consider the following questions:

  1. In which areas did you score the lowest?

  2. Pick one or two of those low scoring areas and formulate a 30 day action plan to get some traction and momentum going in improvement in those areas.

  3. Do the same thing 30 days from now.

  4. Re-score yourself every 90 days and chart your progress.

Remember…..Career Success is a Process….A process of developing knowledge, experience and mastery of the 15 Key Career Success Elements.

FINAL THOUGHT:  Can YOU think of an element MISSING?  Do you know of other Career Success Elements not incorporated directly or indirectly in the above 15 Key Elements?

SHARE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW.  The 15 Elements have been developed, fine-tuned and polished over time.  I’m always open to further fine-tuning and adjustments, so YOUR IDEAS ARE DEFINITELY WELCOME.

All the best to YOUR Career Success!

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