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  • Andy Robinson

Check Your Team’s Key Goals Alignment

Updated: Jan 11, 2021


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How well do the key goals being focused on by your direct reports align with YOUR goals? Try this …. Check-in with each of your direct reports over the next couple of days and ask them: “What are the two or three key goals that you’re most focused on this week?” …. and “What are your two or three key 30-day goals?”

Make note of what you hear … then … scan the list of team member's key goals and look for alignment between your direct reports, alignment with YOUR key goals, and alignment with the organization’s broader near-term goals.

How well do your team member's goals align with your goals?

Does anything look out of sync?

What adjustments and changes in focus need to be communicated to improve alignment?

Loopback to applicable team members and discuss any necessary adjustments and changes.

How often do you or should you check alignment across your team?

Have a wonderful week!

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



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