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  • Andy Robinson

“No” is Easy When You Have Your FILTERS in Place

All of my executive coaching clients receive an unending stream of requests …. requests for money and donations … requests for involvement in organizations and community activities … requests for partnering on business deals … and other requests for time and money.

My advice to clients is to have your FILTERS in place, at all times, to make those decisions easier. GOALS …. clearly articulated, specific, empowering and aligned with your purpose and values …. serve as the BEST set of filters.

As you receive requests for time, money or involvement …. ask yourself this simple question: “Which GOAL will CLEARLY be served if I say ‘yes’.” Is that goal alignment so clear and so strong that you can give a RESOUNDING YES to the question? Does it absolutely FEEL like the right thing to do?

If there is no RESOUNDING YES and it does not FEEL absolutely right …. then your answer should probably be no …. a resounding no!

And here’s the best part …. If you’ve set your filters up ahead of time (your goals) and you KNOW those goals are right for you, you’ll actually FEEL GOOD when you say NO to those requests that don’t clearly align with your filters/goals.

It happened to me today …. it was an interesting and intriguing request, perhaps even a great opportunity, but …. it definitely did NOT align with my filters AND it definitely did not FEEL absolutely right. So …. I said no …. politely and with gratitude for the opportunity. And yes …. it felt great.

What request for your time or money is on your plate that YOU are considering? Are YOUR FILTERS in place?

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