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Pursuing Your Passions … Why Not?

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The idea of “doing what you love” for a living or “pursuing your passions” eludes many and often has a ring of impracticality to it — “HOW could I possibly EARN A LIVING doing what I love?”

There are, however, a number of ways to pursue your passions that many of us don’t consider or overlook. Have you considered ALL of the following possibilities?

WAYS to “Pursue Your Passions”

•Doing what you love •Providing a service to others who do what you love •Teaching others to do what you love •Writing about what you love •Speaking about what you love •Creating a product related to what you love •Selling or brokering what you love •Promoting what you love •Organizing what you love •Setting up, repairing, fixing or maintaining what you love

What other ways of pursuing your passions can YOU think of?

What actions can you take to begin the process of pursuing what you love?

When will you start?  What’s the very next thing you can do?

Have great day!

Andy Robinson

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