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  • Andy Robinson

Subtract to Get MORE Done

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The answer to getting the most important things done is SIMPLE ARITHMETIC … we’ve got to subtract the less important before we can add the more important.

So here’s the question: What things can you SUBTRACT from your daily routine or your weekly routine to make room for the important?

Choose ONE THING to subtract this week. Write it down. Post a reminder. Remove it from your calendar. Delete it from your task list. Fully commit to NOT doing it, whatever it is.

Replace it with something more important and schedule THAT on your calendar … block out time for THAT.

Begin this week practicing SUBTRACTION. Remove the “good” things to MAKE ROOM for the BEST things.

Best to you!

Andy Robinson

Executive Coach Executive Success Partners… A Service Offering of CRG Leadership Institute LLC 239-285-5575

“Helping high-performing executives and business leaders maximize their influence and impact.”

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