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  • Andy Robinson

The 3 x 3 Evaluation

Photo Credit: CRG Leadership Institute LLC

Photo Credit: CRG Leadership Institute LLC

Immediately following a presentation, an event you organized, a meeting you were in charge of, or an important project that you wrapped up, consider a “3 x 3 Evaluation” as follows:

1 – Write down three key “take-aways” from from this event (things I learned, things I need to remember, things that might help me in the future).

– Write down three things you would definitely CHANGE next time (do differently, replace, add, stop doing, etc.)

3 – Write down the top three positive outcomes (results, impact on others, specific feedback you received, breakthroughs, etc.)

Successful leaders are always focused on continuous improvement — seeking out the lessons, learning points and take-always from their key activities.

Is there a 3 x 3 opportunity for you today …. this week?  Look for the learning lesson(s) and apply it next time.

Andy Robinson

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