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Are You Conscious of Dead Time?

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"Dead Time" -- What is it?

  • It's waiting in the hallway for an upcoming meeting, or

  • The time spent taking an Uber to a client's office, or

  • It's waiting "on hold" on a phone call, or

  • Standing in line at Starbucks, or

  • Waiting for an appointment to show up, or

  • Waiting at a doctor's office

Stay conscious of your daily "dead time" -- those time gaps that occur throughout the day -- and use this time to catch up on e-mail, read an interesting article, jot down notes about a project, brainstorm and capture new ideas, send a quick "thank you" email, etc.

Those 3-5 minute blocks of time, when added up over the course of the week, can lead to increased productivity. For longer blocks of time (i.e., morning commutes), subscribe to an audio podcast via iTunes and use the time to make yourself smarter before the workday even starts. Commute time is a great time to invest in learning activities.

What do you do with your dead time?

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



"Helping CEO's and executives maximize their influence and impact."

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