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Be An Early Bird!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Be the Early Bird!

Great leaders are great role models.  People watch EVERYTHING you do ….

they hear everything you say.  They notice everything.

Photo Credit: Carrie Robinson - Early Birds Naples Botanical Gardens

Photo Credit: Carrie Robinson – Early Birds Naples Botanical Gardens

Be the one to SET THE STANDARD for others to follow.

It may seem like a small thing, but running late, even by just a couple of minutes sets a standard that others observe and follow.  Being punctual shows respect for others …. it shows you care, it tells “them” they’re important.

Try this beginning today …. Arrive a few minutes early for EVERY meeting on your calendar, perhaps even 10 minutes early, and:

  1. Use that time to engage in dialogue with your colleagues and teammates

  2. Review the agenda

  3. Review your notes from the last meeting

  4. Give your material a final review

  5. Make notes of important questions to ask

Be a role model …. set the standard for others.

Show others YOU care and you respect their time … Always arrive for meetings (and phone calls) ON TIME or ahead of time.

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach




"Helping CEO's and executives maximize their influence and impact."

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