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  • Andy Robinson

Ask Questions…Listen…Repeat

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Whether you’re networking for new business, at a party meeting new people, talking to a friend or work colleague, or just hanging out with others…. there’s one practice that ALWAYS endears you to others and demonstrates you care, and have compassion and interest in others.

Ask great questions…. then listen fully to the answer.

The voice that people most like to hear is their OWN voice.  The best way to encourage others to talk and fulfill their desire to hear their own voice is to ASK GREAT QUESTIONS. Asking questions allows you to learn more about other people — strangers, colleagues and friends — and demonstrates YOUR interest in the relationship and the other person.

Believe it or not…. people will think you’re a “great conversationalist” and “a very interesting person to talk to” when you ask great questions and allow them to do most of the talking. You’ll almost always experience a reciprocation as well…. a shift at some point in time in the conversation where the other person will begin doing the same…. asking you great questions.

Begin with YOU…. be the role model in demonstrating care for and interest in the other person…. ask great questions. Listen carefully and fully and ask more questions.  Allow the reciprocation shift to happen…. gratefully receive their gift of asking YOU great questions too. You’ll find that much more meaningful conversations will emerge and your relationships will deepen, strengthen and develop more fully.

The formula is simple…. Ask questions, listen and repeat.  Try it today in your very next conversation. Let it become your standard approach to conversation. Role model it for others.

Best to you!

Andy Robinson

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