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Asking For What You Want

Updated: May 8, 2023

I recently re-read Marcia Wieder's excellent book, "Making Your Dreams Come True," which is chock fullof ideas for fulfilling your personal and business dreams.  Marcia offers some excellent advice for "Asking for What You Want" -- with these two tips:

  1. Be specific in what you ask for.  "Don't beat around the bush" as they say.  Be clear, describe exactly what you want, discuss the benefits, express your request with sincerity, interest, and fused with a bit of passion.

  2. Make it easy for people to say yes. If they say no, ask why.  People often decline for two reasons: (1) Either you're asking for too much, too soon, or (2) They don't truly understand exactly what you're asking for.

Finally, the "magic phrase" which makes it easy for someone to say yes to you is this: "Would you be willing to explore the idea of ...." (having me do whatever the request is). Try this today and see if you get what you want!

All the best to you!

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



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