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  • Andy Robinson

Begin By Doing Less

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Developing a new habit or beginning something new works best when you start small — adding a little bit at a time … building momentum …. until ultimately, the new habit “sticks.”

The concept works the same in reverse for things you want to STOP doing. Some people CAN stop “cold turkey,” but most of us have a hard time with cold hard stops.

Try this instead …. begin DOING LESS of what you’re trying to stop. Take the “-1” approach — do it one less time today (or this week, or whatever the relevant time block happens to be).  Wait a week or a few days and then repeat — do it one less time that day or that week.

Continue the process of doing less and less of what you’re trying stop — moving toward a total cessation of the habit or behavior.

Try it …. it works. Best to you!

Andy Robinson

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