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Remember to Recognize Progress

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It's great to recognize OUTCOMES and the achievement of RESULTS, but don't forget all of the LITTLE WINS along the way, each of which is an opportunity to CHEERLEAD progress, milestones, and effort.

Goal achievement is a process. Some goals and outcomes may take weeks or months (or longer) to achieve, but steps are taken every day. Recognize the steps and the observable progress that team members make ON THE PATH to achieve the goal or desired outcome.

The effort is going the extra mile, it’s the exertion of mental power, it’s practicing new behaviors and newly-developed skills, it’s working extra hours to achieve a deliverable deadline. Recognition of effort amps up motivation, and self-confidence, and fuels the desire to achieve success and exceed expectations.

Look for, ask about, and then recognize progress and solid effort.

Recognition is ROCKET FUEL!

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach

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