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Building Trust as a Team Member – 16 Things You Can Do!

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

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Establishing and maintaining TRUST as a team member is absolutely ESSENTIAL to the team’s success. It’s up to each team member to earn the trust of each of his or her team members and then maintain that trust on an ongoing basis.

Consider these 16 ways to earn your teammates' trust:

1. Never say unkind words about them or others when they’re not present to defend themselves

2. Offer your help expecting nothing in return

3. Say “thank you” often

4. Apologize whenever necessary

5. Compliment them and say great things about them — specific and sincere – in front of others

6. Make time for them

7. Listen, be fully present, and give them your complete attention

8. Share your mistakes and what you learned from those mistakes

9. Ask for their advice and share outcomes

10. Follow up and follow through with your promises and commitments to them

11. Spend time with them; get to know them as a “whole” person

12. Remember the details and important things about them

13. Share credit with them — willingly and sincerely

14. Stand up for them, particularly when they’re not present to defend themselves

15. Respect their personality and their communication style and preferences

16. Look for, encourage and celebrate the best from them

Start today by practicing three things you will commit to doing in interactions with fellow team members. Earn trust by being trustWORTHY to others.

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



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