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  • Andy Robinson

Devote Yourself to Mastering Your “Craft”

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

“The price that must be paid for mastery is discipline. No one achieves lasting success without it. From the moment you awake each day, devote yourself to the perfection of whatever you pursue. Do this and you will achieve self-mastery. Achieve self-mastery and you will have the makings of a great leader…

"Discipline is all about cultivating powerful habits that become part of your lifestyle.” – Robin Crow – Rock Solid Leadership

What powerful habits have YOU cultivated and incorporated into your lifestyle to “Master YOUR Craft”?

  1. Do you have a reading routine that helps keep you current in the latest thinking in your area(s) of expertise?

  2. Do you invest in your personal and professional development on a regular basis?

  3. Do you meet regularly with a mentor or coach or mastermind group that helps stretch your thinking?

  4. Do you regularly write or “blog” about topics relevant to your strengths and areas of expertise? Writing helps support and “cement in” the things we’ve learned. Many times, getting going with a blog opens up a book-writing opportunity.

  5. Do you regularly speak on topics relevant to your areas of expertise? Do you seek out speaking opportunities?

  6. Do you have a way and means for staying in touch with your key business and personal connections? Is this a habit?

What do you have planned TODAY to help perfect your areas of mastery? Tomorrow? Next week?

Best to you!

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



"Helping CEO's and executives maximize their influence and impact."

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