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  • Andy Robinson

Embrace Being Wrong


Consider this …. If you’ve done a great job of surrounding yourself with incredible team members, it’s important to understand that they MAY have better ways of doings things or breakthrough ideas to consider.  Hopefully, they WILL have better ideas and unique and (possibly) more powerful ways of handling problems and formulating winning solutions.

Detach yourself from YOUR solution …. always be ready to hold your hand up and change your mind.  Avoid painting yourself in a corner on a position and taking a hard defensive line on that position.  Be open … role-model openness to new ideas.

Leaders are never afraid to admit they’re wrong. They let go and move on.

Call to Action:

Is there a issue that you’re holding steadfast onto?  Has someone offered another idea or solution that you’ve pushed away?  How can you MOVE ON with that matter TODAY?

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