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Plan Your Best Year Ever In January

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

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Okay …. the holidays are here and the reality of a New Year is upon us. Many of my clients and friends (including myself) have the intention to formulate their goals and plans for the upcoming year before the end of the year — during “available” holiday period time. But …. as most of us are finding, the much talked about “available” time is getting consumed with other (and probably equally [or more] important) holiday and family activities.

So….what to do?  Make JANUARY Your Plan Development Month. Set a personal goal of formulating a COMPELLING personal and professional plan for the year before the end of January. Doable? Absolutely … and here’s why:

  1. The Holidays are Hectic – The holidays are hectic, and even though the traditional "holiday party circuit" is likely not happening in our social distancing world, there's still plenty to do and some rest and recovery from a truly difficult year is in order for many of us.

  2. Make a SINGLE Resolution on January 1st – If you make a single resolution to take the first month of the calendar year to focus on the future through reflection and planning without the baggage of a worn-out body and mind, wouldn’t you have a higher chance of achieving what you set out to do?

  3. Focus On a Quality Plan in January – Make January a month of setting yourself up with a quality plan that you can develop intentionally and thoroughly before the end of that month.

January is a great month to reflect, inventory your prior year achievements, and prepare and plan for the months to come. You’ll be MUCH better prepared in January to devote the quality of time and effort needed to formulate a powerful and compelling personal and professional plan — one that will enable you to look back at the end of this year and call it YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!


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