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  • Andy Robinson

Say NO to Say Yes

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

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Great leaders, top performers, and high achievers are constantly receiving requests for their time. Their success and ability to get things done is like a powerful magnet … drawing more and more requests toward them.

Learning to be SELECTIVE in what you say YES to is key time management and productivity skill that highly effective leaders MUST master.

Saying “NO” can be difficult, particularly with respect to requests for things you LIKE to do or from people you feel you “OWE” some time to.

But remember this …. Saying “NO” to anything is saying “YES” to something else — you WILL spend your time on SOMETHING, so make sure your choice in HOW you spend your time is in alignment with your personal and professional goals.

Try this today …. For the next week, track what you say “YES” to and note the following for EACH of those “Yes’s”:

  1. What exactly did you say yes to (are you clear on the request)?

  2. How much time and effort (in hours or days) are you committing to (including all preparation time)?

  3. Why did you say “Yes” to the request — what were the compelling reasons? … and finally,

  4. What will you likely be saying “NO’ to if you say “Yes” to the request — what will you likely be giving up?

Tracking your “Yes’s” and noting answers to the above will bring AWARENESS to the process and will help you make better choices and will enable you to be more selective going forward.

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach

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