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  • Andy Robinson

Some New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Consider

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

We are in full swing into another year; it’s a great time to think about what you’ll do differently or do better this year. In addition to your work goals, personal goals, and family goals, consider the following “New Year’s Resolution” ideas — all of which should complement all of your goals:

Commit to Your Learning and Personal Development This Year Make this the year that you rededicate yourself to your own learning and personal development. Those who make learning and professional development a priority will create a significant competitive advantage for themselves. Reading and listening to audiobooks is THE easiest way to gain knowledge and new information.

Re-Connect With and Nurture Your Contact Network Your network of business, professional and personal contacts are the most valuable and transportable asset you have….period. A properly nourished and up-to-date network can truly work wonders for your career. Make a commitment now to reconnect with your contact network and look for ways to “give” and add value to others. Build your bank of goodwill now so there is plenty available when you need it.

Make Your Health and Fitness a Top Priority Your health and fitness have four dimensions: (1) Diet and general weight control – achieved through healthy eating habits, (2) Cardiovascular health – achieved through regular cardio and aerobic exercise/activity, (3) Strong bones and optimal muscle mass – achieved through weight/strength training, and (4) Flexibility – achieved through stretching, yoga, pilates, etc. Set goals associated with all of these elements and incorporate weekly activities designed to help you achieve those goals.

Commit to Focusing on the Positive Make this the year that you give relentless focus on the positive without dwelling on the negative. Become a role model for a positive mindset — avoid being overly critical of others, avoid gossip, and discourage complaining.

Commit to Getting Organized – At the Office and at Home Begin the year by getting rid of the clutter. Commit yourself to organize your workspace and home before the end of January. Make it a team or family effort.

Say “Thank You” More Often Saying “thank you” does as much or more for you as it does for the other person. Saying “thank you” or writing a quick note of appreciation has the physical and emotional effect of a “shot” of positive energy.  It does the same for the person receiving the message. Give this gift to yourself on a daily basis.

Recognize the Performance of Others Celebrate the achievement of others whenever possible. Recognize the extra effort and positive performance of others – your team members, your colleagues, your friends, and your family.  LOOK for good things and you’ll be amazed at how many good things you see.

Get Your Personal Finances Under Control This is definitely a great time for us to hunker down, reign in our spending habits, work within the framework of a budgeting system and make every effort possible to set aside as much as we can for the future. Financial control and discipline is an excellent personal and professional development opportunity right now – become an expert in these philosophies and methodologies and it will pay huge rewards for you in the long term.

Write Down Your Business and Personal Goals – Review Them Weekly Write down all of your business and personal goals. Formulate them in “SMART” goal format, and for each goal, clearly identify your very next step.  Schedule those steps into your planning tool(s) – your calendar, your “to-do” list, etc.  Review your goals weekly and update your next steps accordingly.

Now let’s get started on making this year an amazing year!

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



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