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  • Andy Robinson

How To Be A Great Leader At Work

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

FACT: The best answer lies within each of us. We simply need help sometimes drawing it out. When we remember this fact and act upon it as a leader, we shift the paradigm for how we help others solve problems. We also help them grow and build their self-confidence. It’s the purest form of helping to develop others.

So, here’s the paradigm shift: Our job as a leader is to help THEM find the answer by asking great questions; Questions that help them think out loud and “figure it out” themselves.

Great questions ARE the answer to helping others figure things out for themselves, but great questions only work when we sit and listen fully to our teammate’s responses.

Let them talk. Let them hear themselves think, allow them to fully answer the question – give them plenty of space to answer the question and refrain from offering our “two cents.” Practice this process and watch their solution magically appear.

Try it the very next time a teammate approaches you with a problem: Ask, listen fully, confirm what you’re hearing (if necessary), and repeat.

Know that you know how to be a great leader at work, it’s up to you to get your team going!

All the best!

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



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