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How Visible Are You? Get in Front of Your Manager … Often

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Actively seek out opportunities over the course of each week — several times — to spend substantive/quality one-on-one time with your manager. Use those opportunities to remind your manager of your continuing value contribution, including:

  1. Demonstration of getting things done ahead of deadline.

  2. Evidence of getting things done under budget.

  3. Surfacing great cost-saving and expense-reduction ideas.

  4. Evidence of your going above and beyond the call of duty with respect to projects and assignments.

  5. Offering to tackle the jobs or projects that everyone else is avoiding.

  6. Evidence of new business generated through your efforts — individually or as a member of a team.

  7. Sharing client or customer feedback offering testimonial to your great service or excellent work.

  8. Keeping your manager fully aware and “in the know” on important matters — minimizing surprises.

  9. Effectively managing your boss’ expectations — under-promising and over-delivering.

  10. “Saving” a client relationship that was “heading south.”

  11. Leadership involvement in outside activities that effectively promote your company and enhance the company’s goodwill in the community.

Never assume that your manager is aware of all of the great things that you do. It is YOUR JOB to communicate that good news and keep your boss fully informed of the value you continue to deliver.

All the best!

Andy Robinson

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