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Meshing and Mashing - Deliberately

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

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I’d like to offer an interesting and game-changing “mental model” to add to your toolbox. It’s a model that combines the deliberate “meshing” of new interests into your life with the “mashing” of your current interests to put you on a path of accelerated personal and professional growth.

Meshing New Interests

  • Going to places you’ve never been before

  • Reading books on subjects unrelated to your field of expertise, including nonfiction and fiction

  • Talking to new people with varying and differing opinions

  • Hanging out with creators and innovators

  • Engaging in new experiences that take you out of your comfort zone

Mashing Current Interests

  • Spending quality social time with the people in your inner circle

  • Developing personal relationships with people you work with, including team members, clients, and vendors

  • Immersing yourself in the literature pertinent to your field of expertise … books, articles, magazines, and journals

  • Attending and listening to speeches, webinars, classes, etc.

  • Spending quality time thoroughly enjoying your current hobbies and interests

The deliberate attention to both meshing and mashing is where breakthroughs occur, growth accelerates and mastery is realized:

  • Meshing new interests into your existing interests

  • Mashing new interests and existing interests together to catalyze growth

What do you need to change or do differently to deliberately bring meshing and mashing into your life as you continue your personal journey to mastery and success?

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach

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