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Miscommunication is a Shared Misstep

Communication is always a two-way process and both parties are responsible for ensuring the message is both clearly stated and clearly understood. Miscommunication is therefore a shared misstep.

Consider the following ideas to help ensure you play your part in establishing clarity of message:

  • Dig deep to clarify your understanding; if you’re not completely sure, then ask. Ask again if necessary

  • Repeat back what you’ve heard and look for a clear signal of agreement from the other party

  • Avoid making any assumptions

  • Confirm: “Are you asking me to do something here?”

  • Confirm the very next step(s): What, who, and when

  • Confirm a due date and time, if applicable

  • Follow up with an email to confirm next actions and due date information and/or other key points

How well do you play your part?

Is there any action you need to take now to revisit a recent conversation where clarity of message may not have been established?

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



"Helping CEO's and executives maximize their influence and impact."

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