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Practice the Art of Edification … Often

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Want to really make someone’s day?

Try giving the gift of edification.

Edification: The act of uplifting, enlightening, or enriching another person through inspirational knowledge.

Thanks, appreciation, and recognition are great and wonderful when someone hears the words directly from their boss or a leader whom they respect, but having that same thing said while in the company of others, takes the words of appreciation to a whole new level. Public edification of a team member is truly a powerful way of building up a colleague's self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence.

Try it.

Prepare for it. Some steps to consider:

  • Think about the words and message you'd like to convey to a team member to whom you would like to share your appreciation for a recent behavior they exhibited and/or a result they achieved

  • Approach the team member in a public setting in the office or other gathering area

  • Share your message

  • Tell a quick story to support the accolades you're sharing

  • Be very specific about the behaviors that support your words of thanks or recognition

  • Use positive and emotive body language

  • Be authentic and real

  • Smile

Edify team members in front of others ... Do it often ... Set the example ... It's a triple win: You feel good, your teammate receiving the thanks or recognition feels great, and all who observe the edification experience something positive, meaningful, and memorable.

How often do you edify others?

Write down two or three opportunities to practice edification this week.

Seek to make it a regular practice ... better yet, a habit.

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach

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