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  • Andy Robinson

Assemble Your Dream Team!

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What are you planning to do differently this year to springboard your success?

Consider the following 10 QUESTIONS and how they might relate to your current level of success — also consider how answers to these questions might correlate with your future success:

• Who do you routinely call upon for advice and counsel? What is the quality of that advice? Do you value those conversations and always “take away” something new and insightful?

• Whom do you call upon or meet with who helps you stretch your mind and challenge your thinking?

• Who serves as your tried and true “sounding board” for new ideas, crazy ideas, and “too good to be true” ideas?

• Who helps you thoroughly and objectively evaluate important decisions?

• Whom do you consider as a mentor? What is the quality of your relationship with your mentor? How often do you speak?

• Who “has your back” at work? Who looks out for your interests and serves as your advocate and champion?

• Who would recommend you, without reservation, to a new client or to a new employer?

• Who, outside of your family, is your biggest fan? How many raving fans do you have?

• To whom do you turn to discuss extremely confidential career matters?

If you desire to achieve sustainable, lasting, and truly incredible success, it is important you have a least one name that you can associate with each of the above questions. Those individuals, collectively, are key members of your Dream Team.  DO YOU HAVE A…DREAM TEAM?

Assembling and NURTURING a Dream Team will definitely springboard your success — you simply CANNOT do it alone! No one who achieves peak performance does so alone…period.

Make this the year that you consciously and thoughtfully assemble your Dream Team. Consider ALL of the following roles as you identify members of this mission-critical team:

Mentor (s) – Individuals you look up to or aspire to be like. Incredible role models of success in your field of play. Could be a formal or informal relationship. Could be someone at your company or outside of your company.

Mastermind Group Members – A Group assembled around a common theme — to work jointly and collaboratively on similar projects, shared interests, or common causes.

Executive Coach – A fee-based support team member who can help you develop and implement effective career planning, career management, and career development strategies and tactics.

Professional Advisors – Third-party advisors, some of whom may be friends, in fields that play into your career plans – lawyers, insurance professionals, tax professionals, accounting professionals, etc.

Advisory Board – A diverse group of business professionals and executives with whom you meet quarterly or semi-annually, focusing on helping each other with career development ideas, strategies, and tactics.

Guides and Experts – Designated experts in areas in which you need assistance – social media experts, personal branding experts, website development experts, etc.

Key Influencers – Individuals in influential positions who can help you make key connections in your field or industry area.

Accountability Partners – Could be a coach, could be a friend, could be a colleague.

Someone to help “hold your hand to the fire” to get things done.

Begin assembling your Dream Team now. Begin by mapping out and identifying likely Dream Team members for each of the above categories. Maybe you have other categories of Team members you’d like to add to your Dream Team. Set a goal for when you’d like to have your Team assembled. Nurture your team, communicate with your team and show gratitude for team member contribution.

Watch the MAGIC happen — the transformative power of a Dream Team on your success.

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



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