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Take Time To Celebrate The Season

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The holiday season is here, and it's time to focus on the positive aspects of our life. Focus on family, focus on the spirit of the holiday season and look for the opportunities that are present -- they're all around you if you look hard enough.

This blog posting offers some tips for staying positive during a hectic season. Emotions and how we all "feel" about things will ultimately play a big role in how we enjoy our season. A positive mindset is a great starting point.

Presented below are some tips and suggestions for things you can begin doing immediately and ongoing to shift yourself into a positive mindset and become a positive role model for others:

  • Turn off the news, talk radio, and Facebook feed. Avoid negative talk and chatter. It's just too easy to get swept up into the anxiety and uncertainly fueled by the broadcast media. At least with a newspaper, you can choose what to read and what not to read. Make a commitment to be very selective of what you allow into your mind.

  • Stay productive and engaged. Look for ways to stay busy, productive, and engaged. Seek out interesting and intellectually challenging projects and assignments. Consider volunteer activities at worthy charitable organizations during the weekends. Seek out learning opportunities. Add value and make a difference.

  • Celebrate all successes -- big and small. Take every opportunity you can to celebrate and recognize progress -- any and all good news, individual and team successes, and extra efforts of others. Lead and encourage others to celebrate successes.

  • Avoid negative talk....just don't go there. Why dwell on the negative? Avoid negative talk and gossip .... politely excuse yourself and walk away. Better yet, look for an opportunity to turn the encounter or conversation around to something more positive or productive.

  • Look for opportunities to help others. Make an extra effort to offer kind words of support to those in need or to associates who seem to be having a "bad day." Look for opportunities for random acts of kindness to others -- at work and outside of work.

  • Read positive and inspirational material. Develop a daily habit of finding time to read uplifting and inspirational material. There's no better way to begin a day in a positive mindset. Listen to positive and inspirational material in your car -- there is a wealth of wonderful audiobooks available in multiple media formats these days.

  • Nurture and cherish your family and personal relationships. Spend quality time with your family and friends whether in person or on-line get-together. Work proactively to strengthen and deepen those relationships. Enjoy the time you spend with each other -- laugh and have fun.

  • Smile! Display an outwardly upbeat presence. Smiles are contagious and do wonders for improving our looks.

Happy Holidays!

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



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