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The Fun Parts of Doing Something

What are the things you enjoy doing?

When we enjoy things we generally find ourselves in a state of "flow" where time seems to pause, distractions disappear and focus is maximized on the enjoyment of DOING.

DOING things we enjoy is fun, it strengthens us, it gives us a sense of being, it soothes our soul, and gives us energy.

But ...DOING "the thing" is only ONE aspect of enjoyment. What if you could double our period of enjoyment? What if you could even TRIPLE IT? You absolutely can!

The secret to TRIPLING your enjoyment of the things you do is to BROADEN the timeframe of HOW you enjoy those things. This applies to the personal things you enjoy as well as the professional and work-related things you do.

I recommend the following framework to broaden and lengthen the duration of the experience of enjoyment:

  • Anticipate It

  • Do It

  • Reflect on It

Anticipate It:

  • Make it a habit to PLAN ahead to do the thing you enjoy

  • Block time for doing the thing you enjoy on your calendar

  • Execute on your planning activities -- Logistics, itineraries/agendas, reservations, reading relevant material, gathering of items and resources

  • Spend time thinking about the upcoming experience

  • If others will be involved in the experience, spend time talking to them about the upcoming experience

  • Enjoy the emotional wave of anticipation

Do It:

  • Clear the deck, remove all distractions, and "bulletproof" your schedule

  • Fully immerse yourself in enjoying the thing you've planned for and anticipated

  • Memorialize the experience -- Take pictures, share the experience on social media, collect souvenirs and memorabilia, record it in your journal or diary

Reflect On It:

  • Recall and reflect on the positive memories of the experience

  • Revisit your photos

  • Do something interesting or constructive with your souvenirs

  • Read your journal entries

  • If you're a journalist like me, then continue to journal about it

  • Talk to others about the experience and share your memories, photos, and stories

What thing can you apply the above framework to today?

Have a great week!

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



"Helping CEO's and executives maximize their influence and impact."

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