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The Importance of Manners and Common Courtesies

An aspect of personal and professional excellence that should never be overlooked in our work life is our display of manners and common courtesy toward others. Manners reflect your level of compassion, care for, and attention to others ... they represent an observed display of behaviors that others notice and remember about you.

How well do you display the following good manners and common-courtesies in your interactions with others?

  • Holding the door open for others (simply as a matter of practice, for everyone)

  • Calling (or texting) ahead if you're going to be more than a couple of minutes late for a call or meeting

  • Arriving early for a lunch meeting and securing a quiet table

  • Always making introductions when someone new walks up to a group

  • Returning phone calls within 24 hours or getting back with an email indicating when you will reach out

  • Always offering a guest a cup/bottle of water or coffee

  • Giving someone at least 24 hours notice (or more) if you need to change a meeting or call time (not always possible, but always give as much notice as you can, as quickly as you can)

  • Sending thank-you notes and emails in follow up to gifts received

  • Acknowledging and showing kindness to the receptionist during an office visit

  • Offering to pay for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or coffee when you extend the invite to arrange a meeting

  • Listening attentively, giving your full attention with eye contact, and removing your phone from sight

  • Apologizing when you've done something wrong or hurtful

  • Refraining from interrupting others until they've made their point

  • Choosing being kind over being right

  • Using good table manners, regardless of the venue

Good manners and common courtesies are an extension of your personal and professional "brand." What do others observe about you?


Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



"Helping CEO's and executives maximize their influence and impact."

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