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The One-page "Business Case" Policy

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

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As a leader, when team members come to you for solutions, decisions, or recommendations, make it a policy of putting the onus back on your team member to always bring THEIR recommended solution, decision, or course of action to you. Institute a policy that requires your team members to summarize their recommendation in the form of a one-page business case (or, as some call it, a recommendation briefing form). The one-pager should be prepared and submitted to you ahead of their conversation with you to discuss the recommendation. The one-pager is particularly useful in situations involving decisions and problems of substance.

The One-page Business Case should generally include all of the following (I recommend it be put together in the order listed below as well):

  • Frame the problem, issue, or decision to be made in the form of a question

  • Clearly state the recommendation or solution to the problem (the answer to the above question)

  • Offer relevant background information to frame the matter with sufficient context

  • Explain the rationale behind the recommended solution

  • Identify resources needed, if applicable, and why (people, budget dollars, equipment, software, outside assistance, etc.)

  • Summarize the projected financial implications of the recommendation (cost considerations, revenue impact, bottom-line impact, etc.)

Encourage your team to do their own leg work ahead of coming to you for input, recommendations, or decisions by using the one-page business case as a matter of practice. It will help you, help them develop as leaders, and allow for much more efficient and effective decision-making.

NOTE: Although it may not always be necessary to formally write out the One-pager, particularly for less substantive matters, the framework can certainly be used to provide structure to your team member’s recommendation and discussion with you.

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach

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