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Try New Things

I’ve chosen ONE WORD and a “MANTRA” that I plan to use as reminders going forward this year. Both are designed to help me stay alert for growth and improvement opportunities: personal growth, professional growth, and relationship growth.

My “ONE WORD” is “Connect”

  • Connect deeply with my amazing wife

  • Reconnect with family members with whom I’ve missed spending time since the Pandemic began in 2020

  • Reconnect and connect with friends and rekindle my social relationships, many of which I’ve let slide and not given the attention I need over the past two years

  • Connect, at a deeper level, with my clients

  • Reconnect with former clients

  • Reconnect with former colleagues

  • Connect with fellow board members at area nonprofit organizations at which I serve

  • Connect with business leaders in my local market to explore mutually beneficial relationships

  • Connect more with my fellow cycling community enthusiasts

  • Connect with my spiritual self

My “MANTRA” is “Try New Things”

  • This year is my year to experiment with new things, new ways, new beginnings, new interests

  • I plan to intentionally try SOMETHING NEW at least once a week. I’ll reflect on that new thing during my weekly planning time

  • I also plan to intentionally connect with SOMEONE NEW at least once per month

  • Other “New Thing” opportunities I intend to at TRY include:

  • New authors whom I've not read before

  • New genres of reading, including more “fun” reading

  • New tools to add to my coaching practice toolbox (I’ve already started a list of these)

  • New exercise and fitness activities (I intend to mix things up more this year and minimize fitness plateaus)

  • New places to visit - locally, regionally, and elsewhere

How about you?

What’s YOUR “one word” this year?

Is there a mantra that resonates with YOU?

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach AndyRobinson.Coach | 239-285-5575 | Andy@AndyRobinson.Coach

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