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2 Foundational Habits of Top Leaders

I have worked one-on-one as an executive coach with hundreds of high-performing executives over the past 25 years and 2 KEY THREADS connect those executives whom I consider to be outstanding leaders and exceptional performers (by the way, all executive coaches with whom I've shared this observation have likewise attested to the same key threads and have fully validated this observation):

All great leaders are great READERS ... ALL read DAILY and most-read multiple books each month. There have been very few exceptions to this observation of my top-performing leader clients.

All high-performing executives incorporate FITNESS and EXERCISE into their DAILY routine; they've made it a no-compromise priority. Again, there have been no exceptions to this observation.

TWO "FOUNDATIONAL" HABITS that together will accelerate your success and personal/professional achievement .... without question .... without exception.

How well have YOU incorporated these foundational habits into your life?


Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



"Helping CEO's and executives maximize their influence and impact."

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