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Are You Tending to Your Raving Fans?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

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How often do you reach out with words of gratitude or kind gestures to those people in your life — your work life and/or your personal life — who…

  • Cheer you on when you need it (or when you don’t)

  • Regularly and enthusiastically refer new business or wonderful new relationships to you Stand behind you, speak up for you, and support you when you’re not present to “defend” yourself

  • Remember your important life events — your birthday, your anniversary, your kids’ birthdays, etc.

  • Help ensure you’re included on invite lists and in events they feel may be of interest to you Say wonderful things about you — whether solicited or not

How often DO you recognize your advocates, your enthusiasts, your cheerleaders ….. your RAVING FANS?

Are they noted in some way in your contact management system or some special list you keep and review regularly?

What steps do you take to ensure you reach out to them on a regular basis?

What can you do this coming week to express your gratitude for their support?

What will you do tomorrow?



Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



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