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Connect With Others Using This Technique

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I mentioned in a previous blog, Try New Things, that I’ve chosen “ONE WORD” and I’ve chosen a “MANTRA” for 2022, my one word being “CONNECT,” and my mantra being “Try New Things.” I also offered some of the commitments I’m planning to make with both my one word and mantra throughout 2022.

One of the “CONNECT” commitments that I did not mention in my previous Newsletter is to be intentional about connecting with “strangers” and people I’m meeting for the first time. I’ve always believed that people are put in front of us for a reason, and if that is true, it is our responsibility to seek out the opportunity that could be presenting itself with the people we meet, including strangers — those who show up in our lives through chance encounter.

Small talk,” which is something I’ve never been great at in the past, has become something that I’m intentionally doing a better job of initiating now, in alignment with my “CONNECT” commitment.

I use the following “Small Talk” technique to take the lead in connecting with others — particularly those I’ve never met before. I use an acronym, “SNAC” to help me remember to do this — whether on an elevator, standing in line, or otherwise meeting someone for the first time:

  • S - Smile, say hello, and make eye contact

  • N - Notice something about the other person or the situation that you can comment on

  • A - Ask a question about the thing you notice, if applicable, to spark a quick conversation

  • C - Compliment the person in some way … relating to something you noticed, something they’ve said, or something you otherwise admire

How well are you connecting with the people who show up for the first time in your life?

Could you be missing any opportunities that could be interrelated to those chance encounters?

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach

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