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Embrace Being Uncomfortable

Discomfort ... it MEANS you're growing ... Look for those times you're uncomfortable; embrace the situation and step into it with confidence ... deal with it ... do it ... try it ... learn from it.

Maybe you're uncomfortable when ...

  • You're speaking in front of others. A very common source of discomfort and a growth opportunity for many. You'd be surprised at the doors that open for you when you get more comfortable with the practice of speaking in front of others. Because so many share this fear, volunteering for these opportunities can come rather easily when you're alert for them.

  • You're taking your boss's place at an important meeting. Yes, this can be very uncomfortable the first time or two. Growth opportunity? You bet. Be alert for those opportunities; volunteer for them; seek them out. You've got to demonstrate capability before you get promoted into it.

  • You disagree with your boss or manager on an issue. Discomfort will manifest whether you speak up or not in such a situation. So, if you're going to be uncomfortable anyway, seek the growth opportunity and speak up. You'll earn the respect of others and ultimately earn the respect of your boss when you stick to your guns and speak up respectfully. Choose your "battles" wisely and boldly step into the discomfort.

  • You must deal with a difficult employee, team member, or customer. The easy thing to do is to avoid the issue altogether, and many do. These situations will manifest throughout your life -- at work, in social circles, organizations, and clubs and within your family. Learning to deal with difficult people is an art that enhances your effectiveness and your leadership potential in all walks of life. Pick up a book on the subject; ask for advice; observe how others do it. Learn, do, and grow.

What are some other things that tend to make YOU uncomfortable?  If you're constantly dealing with any of those things, the best idea is to "step into it" and embrace it as an opportunity to learn and to grow.

What are you dealing with right now that might be one of those growth opportunities? 

Commit to stepping into the discomfort today.


Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



"Helping CEO's and executives maximize their influence and impact."

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