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  • Andy Robinson

Let Go of Being Right

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

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Maybe you DO know the answer …. Maybe, just maybe you DO know the best way to do it …. Maybe you’ve solved the problem at hand before and KNOW the best solution …. BUT maybe, just maybe you don’t. Could there be a better answer, a better way to do it, a better solution? Maybe, possibly, perhaps?

Try this today …. LET GO of any need you have to “BE RIGHT.” Give someone else room to figure out the answer, the best way, the solution. Help them find THEIR answer …. Ask questions, probe and LISTEN. Broaden your perspective, allow yourself to remain open to other alternatives …. Maybe a new answer, a new way, a new solution will emerge.

Give others a chance …. Allow others to openly express their perspectives, their opinions, their beliefs. Maybe they’re not what you hold “true,” but maybe, just maybe they do have merit.

Make a new choice today …. Choose to be kind and being open over being right.

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



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