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No Agenda, No Attenda

Meetings represent an enormous amount of our weekly work time. Poorly run, unorganized, ineffective and rambling meetings are both frustrating and an unfortunate waste of our very limited available time. As a leader and as a role model to your team, your peers, and your manager … I encourage you to adopt the mantra I’ve heard and used throughout my career, “No Agenda, No Attenda!”

Require or take the lead in ensuring a well-put-together agenda is sent to all attendees ahead of every meeting you attend. Otherwise, no agenda, no attenda — and reschedule the meeting to another time.

Agendas offer a range of benefits in optimizing the value of meetings:

  • Time is optimized

  • The most important matters get discussed

  • Team members come fully prepared

  • Introverts become more participative (due to their level of preparedness)

  • Forward motion on key projects is enabled

  • Meetings end on time

No agenda, no meeting. Period.

What meetings do you have coming up later today or tomorrow? What can you do to ensure agendas are in order?

All the best to you!

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



"Helping CEO's and executives maximize their influence and impact."


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