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Part 3: Top Meeting Management Tips

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

In our last two blogs (Part 1 and Part 2, Top Meeting Management Tips), we covered six meetings tips. In our final blog on this subject, we have a few more tips to knock your meetings out of the ballpark!

(1) Minimize Rambling and Off-Topic Conversations

Take responsibility for keeping the meeting on topic. A little bit of veering off is not so bad but always bring the discussion back to desired outcomes. Interject and redirect when necessary ... and as respectfully as possible. Use the "Issue Bin" as a tool to defer topic discussions.

(2) Press for Decisions

Meetings should be as action-focused as possible. Avoid deferring and "tabling" decisions that can be made on-site, particularly if the key decision-makers are present and if most of the relevant information is available.

(3) Summarize Ownership for All Next Actions

Ensure all next actions and commitments are summarized at the close of the meeting with agreement on:

  • The specific action to be accomplished

  • Who will be responsible for ensuring each action is accomplished

  • The target date(s) for completing the action. Send the summary of next actions to all participants following the meeting.

(4) Meeting Feedback Round

As the meeting comes to a close, go around the room and ask each attendee to offer ONE comment (20 seconds or less) on how the meeting went. Let everyone know that no discussion or feedback is allowed for the comments offered. This technique offers an excellent reflection opportunity and surfaces interesting, and many times meaningful, learning points for future meetings.

I hope you have enjoyed the Top Meeting Management Tips we shared with you. Let us know how your meetings turn out!

Have a great day!

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach



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