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Tag Your Requests with a Due Date

Tag Your Requests with a Due Date

Leaders, managers …. how often have you asked a team member to do something and found that it didn’t get done when you expected?

Try this today …. Tag ALL of your requests with a due date and time, particularly those that are time sensitive and impact a due date or deadline that you have ownership for.  Ask them:

  1. When can it be done — date and time?

  2. Is there anything else I have given you that you’ll need to re-prioritize to get this new request done at that date and time?

  3. What will be the obstacles to getting it done by that date and time?

  4. How will you overcome those obstacles?

  5. Are you fully committed to your indicated date and time?

  6. If not, what date and time would you be fully committed to?

Make a habit of tagging your request from others with a due date and time and observe the difference it makes.

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