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Take Advantage of Your 5-Minute Windows

Let’s face it …. we’re all busy with more than enough to do.  Our plate is always full and there’s always more on the way.  The important thing, however, is to ensure you’re focusing on the MOST IMPORTANT stuff FIRST.  Urgent matters are not always important …. they just feel that way.

Review your complete “to do” list daily and ask yourself …. “what are the most important things for me to get done today?”  — pick the top three and FOCUS ON THOSE FIRST.

Also, try the following IDEA to get the quick things done that are important but seem to get cast aside — little things that may not make it to your “top three” list above.

IDEA: Take advantage — throughout each day — of your “5-minute windows” …. those breaks between meetings, between phone calls, while you’re waiting for someone, etc. where A LOT of (important) things could get done on a cumulative basis.

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Examples of IMPORTANT things that can get done in your 5-minute windows:

  1. Return an important phone call.

  2. Send a “thank you” note to someone.

  3. Review your goals.  Reviewing your weekly goals helps to keep them on your mind and in your thoughts.

  4. Text one of your kids to tell them you love them.

  5. Read a blog article — something inspiring, uplifting or informative.  I pick up lots of GREAT IDEAS from blog articles.

  6. Read an article from one of your professional or trade journal publications.

  7. Schedule lunch with a business contact.

  8. Add connections on LinkedIn; share an article with your LinkedIn connections.

  9. Strike several things from your to do list — make room for the important.

  10. Send flowers or a small gift to someone special.

  11. Schedule a day off and something fun with your spouse and/or kids (or a friend).

  12. Embrace silence – Close your door, forward your phone, close down your email, close your eyes, empty your mind …. breath …. embrace the silence for 5 minutres.

Take a 5-minute “break” NOW — What is something YOU can do?  Do it!

Here’s to your success!

Andy Robinson, President & CEO Executive Success Partners

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