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The BEST Answer to a Very Good Question

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As leaders, we’re often looked open as “the answer person” — the go-to resource for figuring things out, solving problems, and deciding on a course of action.

99% of the time, however, the best answer to a very good question from one of your team members is … asking THEM a great question (or questions) in return. It’s about encouraging THEM to formulate a solution or make a decision and then offering your input, feedback, and/or support on their answer — shifting from “telling” to coaching.


  • What do YOU recommend? Why?

  • How would that work?

  • What do YOU think?

  • How would YOU handle that?

  • What has worked for you in the past in a similar situation?

  • What would you advise your best friend to do in this situation?

  • What is your DESIRED OUTCOME? What is the best action to take to move in the direction of that outcome?

Ask a great question or a series of great questions … then give them space to think out loud and watch the lightbulb come on as they share their answers to these questions and come up with a very good solution to their original question.

Before closing out the conversation, ask them to commit to a clear and specific very next step to advance the ball on executing on the matter they’ve now resolved.

Move from being “the answer person” to becoming an excellent coach for your team members — a shift that will facilitate their professional development and growth as a team member.

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach

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