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Apologize Fully Whenever Necessary

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Did you miss an important meeting with a teammate or client?

Did you inadvertently let a deadline slip that adversely affected a peer or colleague?

Did you use words in a conversation that might have been hurtful or disrespectful?

We all make mistakes, and occasionally those mistakes directly and adversely impact others. In those situations, make amends by FULLY apologizing. Consider these steps:

  1. Use the words … “I’m sorry” … or “Please accept my apology”

  2. Admit your mistake and take FULL OWNERSHIP for your slip up or transgression

  3. Acknowledge how your mistake impacted the other person. Let them know that you fully understand how your action or inaction affected THEM. Be as specific as possible

  4. Avoid any defensive posturing or anything that might come across as excuse-making … Just don’t go there

  5. And finally … Let them know EXACTLY what YOU will do differently next time. Reassure them that you will commit to change your behavior in the future. Then … Deliver on that commitment the very next opportunity you get

To whom to you owe an apology? 

Call or visit with them today, and use the above process to make a full and sincere apology.

All the best!

Andy Robinson, Executive Coach

AndyRobinson.Coach | 239-285-5575 | Andy@AndyRobinson.Coach

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