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  • Andy Robinson

Enlist a “Spotter” to Help You Change

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

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Behavioral change is difficult. Replacing an old habit with a new habit is difficult. Starting something new and sticking to it is difficult.

If you have a goal or objective to CHANGE something about yourself …. a change that, if adopted, could have a significant impact on your performance, your level of influence, or your ability to get things done …. then why not ENLIST support from someone you trust to HELP YOU make that change?

Try this …. enlist a “spotter” — someone you ask to observe you in interactions and to alert you when you’re showing signs of failing to act on a change that you’re trying to make stick. Maybe it’s a “HAND SIGNAL” of some kind … or … something pre-planned and specific that they SAY when they observe the failed behavior — something to ALERT YOU to the fact that you’re venturing down the wrong path — out of sync with the new behavior you’re trying to make stick.

Be brief with your spotter …. request their feedback following the observed situation.  Tee things up for next time. Meet with them briefly in advance of your next situation.  Continue this loop, and over time you’ll see improvement and the likelihood of your new habit “sticking” will improve.

WHO can you enlist to help you?


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