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Give Your Undivided Attention to Others

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We’re ALL busy.  Our to do lists seem unending.  The urgent (or seemingly urgent) things are constantly tugging at us.  Distractions surround us — email, the ringing phone, social media notifications, etc.  It’s VERY difficult at times to FOCUS our attention on the important and CONCENTRATE on the matter at hand.

Try this today …. When a team mate or colleague approaches you with a question or for a discussion, give them your UNDIVIDED ATTENTION:

  1. STOP whatever you’re doing

  2. Turn your HEAD and BODY toward them and look them in the eye

  3. Lean in

  4. Set down your mobile device — your phone, your iPad, whatever

  5. Clear your mind, focus on THEM

  6. Listen with interest and empathy

  7. Ask questions to enhance your understanding

  8. Allow pauses … sometimes they need a couple of seconds before continue … allow them to continue

Do it out of respect for the individual …. Do it because YOU CARE …. Do it because it’s the KIND thing to do. Just do it.

Give others your undivided attention today!

Andy Robinson, CEO of Executive Success Partners – A Service Offering of CRG Leadership Institute LLC Andy@ExecutiveSuccessPartners

“Helping high-performing executives and business leaders maximize their influence and impact.”

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