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Part 2: Top Meeting Management Tips

In Part 1: Top 3 Meeting Management Tips, we covered some great tips for managing meetings. Let's take a look at 3 more tips to take your meetings to the next level.

(1) Establish Clear Boundaries 

Stay firm on the meeting START time and END time, when possible. Clearly communicate each ahead of the meeting and re-communicate the end time as you begin the meeting. For latecomers, make it a practice to NOT do any kind of "catch up" or summary of what was discussed while they were not there. Time boundaries are valuable, but it's also okay to allow longer discussions on VERY important topics ... breakthroughs and innovative ideas sometimes take time.

(2) Utilize an "Issue Bin" to Collect Items Considered "Off Agenda"

An "Issue Bin" can be utilized effectively in meetings to collected ideas, comments, issues, and other matters that should be "tabled" until the matter at hand is fully discussed. Items in the issue bin should be discussed at the end of the meeting with the following decisions made for each item in the Bin:

  • Is the matter STILL an issue at the end of the meeting? 

  • If so, what action (if any) needs to be formulated for the issue?

  • Should the matter be addressed and put on the agenda for another upcoming meeting?

(3) Invite Participation

Invite quiet people to speak. Ask: -- Jim, do you have anything to add? -- It's okay to put team members on the spot, particularly if you believe they could add value; they'll learn over time to contribute and will be more comfortable doing so.

Have a great day!

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